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Adewale Oyinlola

Customer Experience & CTA /Facilitator

Adewale is a Business Analyst with special focus in Customer Experience, Customer Insights, Business
Strategy and Transformation. Adewale currently functions in the Asset Management space and the
Financial Services industry at large with over 5years of experience in that field.

Adewale believes that with the right people, process and systems in place, every organization can
succeed. He has helped small and medium scale business to realign strategic objectives, design specific
and core operational processes and upskill staff through various interesting, need based and engaging
facilitating sessions.

Adewale has gathered knowledge and practical insights into starting and growing your business and he is
often focused on providing specific and tailor-made solutions to your business needs and pain points. He
is an avid reader, master communicator and excellent knowledge transfer specialist.

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